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Space treaty

What is the Outer Space Treaty? The treaty, which functions as the base of international space law, was created and opened for signature in the US, UK, and the Soviet Union in 1967. Today, 106 countries have signed the treaty, and 24 others have signed but haven’t completed ratification.

What does the treaty do? Among other things, it prohibits the testing of weapons of mass destruction and the use of nuclear weapons in Earth’s orbit, on the Moon, or on any other celestial body.

Why does it matter for this game? The treaty also prohibits States from claiming any celestial body or planet as their own or inhabiting it. So now that Mars has the possibility of colonization, being part of the treaty could get tricky.

Moving forward, you’ll have to decide whether you want to be a part of the treaty. Consider which other countries have agreed to be part of it, and whether those countries are your allies.


Another country has technology you need. What do you do? This is where espionage comes into play, where spies obtain confidential information to advance your agenda.

If you don’t get caught, you could successfully acquire the technology needed to colonize Mars. If you do get caught, however, the implications could be grave. You could damage your relationship with allies, and you run the risk of other countries placing international sanctions on you.

Proceed with caution.


The UN Security Council is the body of the United Nations (UN) that is responsible for maintaining international peace and safety. The Security Council (and the UN itself) was created after World War II to replace the previous failed international organization, the League of Nations.

How is the UN Security Council involved in international space law? As an organ of the UN, the council supports the Space Treaty and as such, promotes peace and security not only on Earth, but beyond.

Failing to comply with the council could have a negative impact on your relationship with other countries, but could improve your chances of colonizing Mars.


You are about to embark on a mission. A mission to colonize Mars. To do this, you will need the technology and power necessary. Obtaining that technology and power is a matter of negotiation...

As you go through the game, you’ll be prompted to make calculated decisions for the country or region you represent. That includes bilateral negotiations, calling a UN General Assembly meeting, stealing technology, etc.

[html]After exiting this box, choose a country (or region). Each of these countries has a space program, but some are more powerful than others. Choose wisely, the future’s in your hands.